• What languages do you support?

    Waygo can read Chinese, Japanese, and Korean text using your phone camera and translate them into English.

  • Does Waygo work offline?

    Yes, Waygo can run 100% offline. By default, Capture and Library modes will employ cloud processing for higher accuracy but you can disable this from the app settings.

  • Can I translate a photo from my phone's camera roll?

    Yes! From the main translation screen, swipe left all the way to 'Library' mode to select a photo stored on your phone to translate.

  • Can Waygo translate vertical text?

    Yes! In Single Line mode, tap the Flip Button icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to rotate the orange target box to a vertical orientation. Now you can fit a single vertical line of text into the box to translate. Vertical recognition is only supported in Single Line mode.

  • Why is the app stuck on my last translation?

    Did you pause a single or multi line translation? Did you just translate a still image? Tap the blue circle button at the bottom of the screen to resume translating.

  • How do I download your Android app in China?

    You can download the Waygo from the Amazon App Store

  • I bought a new phone. Where did my upgrade go?

    Open the Waygo app, go to the Upgrade screen and tap on 'Restore' in the top right corner.

  • I upgraded Waygo on an iPhone but recently got an Android. How do I transfer my upgrade?

    Unfortunately we have no way to transfer a purchase made through Apple to Google or Amazon. You must purchase the upgrade again on your new device. The same applies to purchases made through Google or Amazon.

  • I paid for the upgrade but it doesn't seem to have applied. What do i do?

    Delete Waygo and then re-install it. When you have a good wifi connection, open the Waygo app, go to the Upgrade screen and tap on 'Restore' in the top right corner. If you are still having a problem, please


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  • Deep Translation View

  • Multi Line Mode

  • Capture Mode

  • Library Mode

  • Vertical Mode

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